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 "I had my home built with Stained Glass in mind.  Now I have ten windows, so I can wander from room to room to enjoy them.  My favorite is the Monet Water Lily because I lie in bed many mornings and watch it come to life. I never tire of that."  Helen - Arkansas

Hank recreated my family cabin in Stained Glass.  I was so impressed I had windows made for my entryway, office, and bedroom at my home in the San Joaquin Valley.  The cabin is in the Sierra's so I can enjoy my colorful glass at multiple elevations."  Margaret - California

"Thank goodness there are still craftsman who put such care and quality in their work. With five windows and two lamps, I never get tired of looking at them. The way the sun comes through the glass colors and textures and reflects off the walls of my home. Coming home at night they create such a warm soft glow."  Karen - Arkansas

"The windows arrived, and they are beautiful!!! My husband is thrilled with them.  Thank you for an outstanding job.  They fit perfectly and look amazing.  Betty - Utah

"Hank was very helpful and patient throughout the entire process of designing the windows and the finished product was outstanding.  It is my opinion that Hank's work is second to none.  Joe - Texas

"You created a large dogwood windows as a surprise Christmas present for my wife, and we both could not be happier with its quality and beauty.  I am very interested in an Iris panel for anniversary present.  Keep up the superb work."  William - Texas

"Windows came today and they are in perfect condition. Stunning and compelling come to mind. They are everything I hoped they would be."  Leslie - Washington

"I had my husband hang my beautiful Stained Glass in my kitchen window.  I works beautifully with the lace that surrounds it.  The entire family had to come out to admire your craftsmanship.  Thank you for choosing to create things of beauty that can elevate the spirit of those within my home."  Aleshia - Arkansas

"I feel a home is not complete until it has Stained Glass as part of its decor.  I love waking up and seeing my beautiful windows come to life and enjoying all my lamps in various rooms.  Hank did a wonderful job, and I would recommend him to anyone.  Kathy - Ohio



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