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Creating lamp shades has become one of my most cherished activities working with glass. Their enduring beauty, character, and heirloom quality make them a prized possession providing a sense of comfort and charm to one's everyday life. More than just a piece of furniture, they become a welcoming friend. These shades listed here are some of my personal favorites.

"Hank, I know I said I liked the lamp, what I actually meant was I "LOOVVE" the lamp.  It is so beautiful.  I have it in the living room and keep it on most of the time because of the colors in it.  I love to look at it kinda like looking at a Christmas tree with all the lights on.  You did a remarkable job.  You probably feel it is no big deal since you do them all the time, but the beauty and craftsmanship you put in your pieces is awesome.  Thank you for the wonderful addition to our home." -- Patty

Dogwood and Peony Tiffany Style Lamps

Dogwood and Peony Tiffany Style Lamps

Helen's Lamp | Spring Blossom | Fran's Lamp
Prairie Style | Prairie Rectangular | Iridized Mission
Deichmann Iris | Stratford | Art Nouveau


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