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Personalized Kaleidoscopes

"For Another View of the World"

These kaleidoscopes make wonderful gifts for any occasion: Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, business persons, those convalescing family members, or friends who would enjoy a unique, handcrafted gift. You can select from a variety of colors for your scope's glass tube, style of wheel, and brass figure on the side. These kaleidoscopes are 10 inches in length and rest on two brass feet.

Each set of wheels offers its own fascinating cornucopia of color! One wheel contains pressed, natural flowers and satisfies those who appreciate a view of a English country garden with the second wheel consisting of colorful glass nuggets and pieces of colored glass.

Note decorative soldering on edges.

*Personalized Etched Message Included on your Kaleidoscope*

Create Your Kaleidoscope

Select Glass for Tube

  • Red Iridized
  • Pink Iridized
  • Cobalt Blue Iridized

Select Brass Stamping

  • Moon
  • Angel
  • Butterfly
  • Floral Band

Cost of $58.50
Plus Tax and
Shipping & Handling
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2011   Heirloom Stained Glass